The Horus Geo Suite

Based on several years of experience with video-based mobile mapping, Horus View and Explore developed several software modules to extract, add and acquire meaningful information out of recordings. With the hardware independent Horus Software Modules you can map the world safer, faster and it brings simplicity in making decisions.

The main benefits are:
- Horus Software Modules are hardware independent
- No post-processing of video data needed
- Easy to use and learn software (not for geo-profs only)
- You can directly work with geo-content, update existing data or create databases
- We offer desktop software for key-users and web based platforms for enterprise usage

Mobile mapping in four simple steps

Horus Movie Recorder

The Horus Movie Recorder is hardware independent. It works with all Commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) hardware.
The Horus Movie Recorder's main function is to record all the data from the camera's additional sensors. The Horus Movie Recorder has a simple playback function, it is merely used to check the images that have just been recorded.

Horus Recorder Builder
The Horus Recorder Builder is used to build a so called recording pipeline. A data stream in which camera grabbers and physical devices are connected. In the component panels you can select cameras, grabbers, components and drag and drop them in the build screen. All components that are placed in the main screen can be connected by simple drawing a line between the components you want to connect. The pipeline that is created in the main screen can be exported as a Horus Recorder Pipeline file.

The Horus Recorder Builder is linked to the Data Grabber Module. The Data Grabber Module uses the pipeline and can perform recording tasks. This data grabber can operate autonomous. The Horus Movie Recorder is the front-end application to start and stop manually.

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Horus Movie Player

The Horus Movie Player is the free downloadable software module to view and play Horus Video. Location of the video will be shown on a map. With the Horus Movie Player you can watch geo-referenced 360° and HR video, look around, zoom in and navigate on the map.

Horus Layer Manager
The Horus Layer Manager enables you to project your CAD and GIS data in the georeferenced video and on the map. You can add or update geometries. The integration is bi-directional. This means that you can select and modify the imported data in the Horus Movie Player.

Horus Annotations Module
The Horus Annotation Module is a must have when you perform inspections or inventories on roads or in public space (e.g. asset management). The Horus Annotations Module enables you to pinpoint locations on maps and perform measurements to calculate distances and surface areas. You can add forms to register damages and irregularities, export these to Excel. Older annotations can be visualized so you can easily check changes or deteriorations.

The Horus Annotations Module is often used by clients which are responsible for the maintenance of roads and assets. Inspections and inventories can be done quick, comfortable and safely behind your desk.

Horus Aerial Export Module
The Horus Aerial Module or Orthotool you can create GeoTiff files out of street level imagery.

Horus PGR Module
Horus supports Point Grey Research (.PGR) data, which is a video format of Ladybug cameras used in the global mobile mapping sector. This allows clients to add more value to existing hardware with a small software investment. With the Horus PGR Module you can direct read .PGR files for use in the Horus Movie Player.

Horus Thermal Imaging Module
With the Horus Thermal Imaging Module you can view and analyze thermal infrared images. Several multi-color filters and a temperature slider will help you to detect differences in a certain temperature range.

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Horus Movie Maker

The Horus Movie Maker helps you to edit your Horus data. You can export the recording to several formats (e.g. MP4, .avi) or export the video to photo's (.jpeg, .bmp, .png). If you have recorded GPS data, you are able to export the photos for each X linear meter (e.g. every 5 meter a photo).

Horus Immersive Scene Builder
With the Horus Immersive Scene Builder you can positions your camera setup according map coordinates. With this module you can resize, positions, crop, blend and save camera setups for your specific recording task.

Horus Position Fixer
The Horus Position can be used to update positions of the video from a postprocessed GPS-position file.

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The Horus Webplayer

Use the Horus Webplayer to publish and share your panoramic data on the web, combined with spatial data.

Organize your recordings and share these recordings with project members in or outside your organization. The Horus Webplayer has a build-in security store, controlling access to your recordings though account-based access.

Integrate your webservices in the webplayer, or even maintain your assets using the web editing capabilities of the Webplayer. Or even integrate the Horus Webplayer in your own existing webapplication using the Webplayer API.

The Horus Webplayer Sphere API is the core component which exposes functionalities from the Horus Webplayer web client core library.

The webplayer can be used on-premises customized in your own style.

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