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Experience the Power of Presence

Broadcasting and streaming of immersive imagery has always been a compromise. Communication speeds, data load and image quality haven’t always gone together well. Until now.

VRGator provides never seen before VR clarity thanks to 8K, 30 fps UHDTV image quality. Crystal clear audio, provided by omni-directional microphones. The images and audio are processed by the extremely powerful Horus immersive view streaming software on the VR Station. Lightning-fast processing, seamless, ultrahigh-quality video and audio, as well as rock solid broadcast streams. Imagine the experience on COTS VR viewers, like Gear VR or Oculus VR.
That is what we call the power of presence.

For detailed information, pricing and licensing fees, please contact our subsidiary Horus VR Experience.

Experience the Power of Presence

VRGator One

Mobility is the name of the game

The VRGator is the world's first capture system that combines unbeaten 8K image quality and the flexibility of an ENG camera setup.
In combination with the integrated upstream facility (stacked 4G, WiFi) you'll be able to capture and stream 8K VR content anywhere at any time!
With the highly user-friendly interface, including a live preview mode, you will have full control of the stream and recording. Crystal clear audio is provided by omnidirectional microphones and will.

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VRGator Studio

No compromise

The VRGator STUDIO makes no compromise when it comes to capturing the feel of the scene, offering stunning video quality, immersive audio as well as broadcasting capabilities that can be relied on.
Refuse to settle for anything other than the best, with immersive content shot and edited with lightning speed using the VRGator STUDIO.

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VRGator Studio Pro

High-end streams for multiple platforms

The VRGator STUDIOPRO software is tailor-made to fully utilize the camera and microphone systems, and to suit the needs of the ever-demanding high-end broadcasting market.
Live streaming, broadcasting and recording in 8K UHDTV at 30 frames per second with superior audio.

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