Modulair and hardware independent

Connect all the elements your project needs. Our software will easily fit with them. Be build powerfull tools you can use to Capture, Process, Analyse and share your data combined with any type of sensor available on the market today.


Horus Geo Suite

Videobased mobile mapping is a low-investment solution for organisations that take care of the public space. Inventory and inspection purposes can be served with this system. If you are new to video inspection and survey, we will gladly help you to get started. Even if you are an experienced user we can help you to improve your inspection and survey tasks. We have got the experience and technology that will help you reach your goals.

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Horus Security Suite

Persistent Wide Area surveillance has proven to be of great value in handling incidents and accidents in a wide variety of circumstances. Not only does it help solve offences and crimes, it can actually help you prevent them. Horus offers a variety of systems and solutions for companies whose mail responsibility is for the safety and security of people and property.

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Horus Creative Suite

Do you need help with streaming your event Live in 360 degree video? Our subsidiary Horus VR Experience will gladly assist you! Experience the Power of Presence and share your live event in 8K Live!

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Horus created a software platform to collect data, analyse, edit and share. We bring simplicity to making decisions.

Horus Movie Recorder

a Powerfull tool to Capture your data, fast and accurate

Horus Movie Maker

Create and Process your own scene

Horus Movie Player

Analyse your assets, use only the modules your project needs.

Horus Webplayer

Share your data and projects with who ever you want.