Rental & Capturing Services

Horus provides systems used in both the Mobile Mapping and the Entertainment/VR market. Use our expertise to kick start your project. Rent our solutions stand alone or with vehicle and operator. Or consult us if you need help configuring the hardware needs for your project.


Cover your area in less time

When your organisation is responsible for the maintenace of roads or assets in the public space you'll probably have wondered how to improve the productivity of capturing, analyzing and sharing data for:

  • Assetmanagement
  • Road, water and rail inspections
  • Inventories of signs, light poles, road marking
  • Mobile Mapping

With the Horus Citymapper or the Trimble MX7 you can easily do it yourself At Horus View and Explore we know everything there is to know about registering public space, and that's why we developed several Mobile Mapping systems. It helps you to focus on assessing areas and roadside assets that require maintennace. The quality of inspections and survey increases with the use of high resolution cameras. Viewing images and assessing them from your desktop is much more comfortable, safe and cost effective

Roads services

Safe, efficient, in control. Check the conditions of roads. A lot of Dutch roads have been inspected with the High resolution video. This product has been developed with experts in the field of road inspection. Inspectors can qualify the conditions safe in the environment of their own office. Standard methods for assessment can be used ( like the Dutch CROW 146A, 147 or DWW).

Capturing the roads can be done without disturbing the traffic (130 km/h)



Each single meter will be captured. This is very useful to capture the situation before a big projects starts. Save time and money and monitor possible project damage. Useful services that we provide:

  • - 360 graden video shooting (objects will be captured on the left, right, top, bottom);
  • - High resolution video (pixels will be focussed on area of interest, like borders, to inspect the assets);
  • - Singlebeam and Side scanning sonar;



We partner with companies that have access to railways. Sometimes it is even possible to attach a video device on a regular train. A fast and cost effective way to capture all your assets.

Horus product

The Horus Citymapper

The CityMapper is a roofbox, where GPS/INS, capturing hardware and camera mounting is included. This is a very stable system to maximize production time for capturing. Standard configuration of GPS/INS and camera position, that can be mounted on the roof rails of your car, will result in a flexible system for several projects.

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Trimble MX-7

The Trimble MX7 Mobile Mapping Imaging system is a fast and cost-effective way to manage assets such as bridges, buildings, roads, highways and power stations and document site conditions with geo-referenced images. After postprocessing images can be used for measurements or to generate georeferenced imagery.

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Horus product

The Scoop

The Scoop is ideal for the 360 professional that needs a stable, high quality 360 video and robust streaming solution. Deliver high quality images at 30 fps or higher using our easy to carry and stand alone streaming solution.

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Horus product


The camera housing is compact, shockproof, water and dirt resistant (IP 67) and can be divided in two halves. It can be equipped with an IMU to exactly record the speed, orientation and gravitational forces so you can perform exact measurements from images taken from a moving vehicle.

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The VRGator Horus VR product

The VRGator

Set up you livestream in 10 minutes. Lightning fast processing, seamless, ultra high quality video and audio, and rock solid broadcast streams. Fully immersive 360° view in 8K, live broadcast, live streaming. Omnidirectional audio. Curious?

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