Safer drivers, safer roads

Employees of BAM Infraconsult (Netherlands) tackle their road, overpass and tunnel inspections with Horus’ high resolution cameras. Patrick Lunenborg, planner at the Inspection & Management Advice team: ‘It’s safer, faster and more accurate.


Before the arrival of the high tech cameras, the road inspectors of BAM had to drive at a slow crawl on highway emergency lanes. ‘The visual inspection took place from out of the car,’ Patrick Lunenborg explains. ‘One inspector would scan each meter of asphalt for the smallest irregularities – using only his eyes. The driver had to keep an eye on the road and especially on the traffic coming from behind. All too often, these inspectors were at risk of trucks or cars not noticing them.’

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Safer drivers, safer roads
2013 till now
Road Inspection
BAM Infraconsult
The Netherlands

BAM and Horus both are always looking for new innovations. They customize their products to suit our organization.

Patrick Lunenborg, BAM Infraconsult

Spot on
Since five years, each car is equipped with the 360 degree camera ‘Ladybug’ and – in addition - three high resolution, 9 mega pixel cameras. While the cars drive their route at full speed (to 120 kilometers per hour/74 miles per hour), the cameras register everything. The video images are sent by HORUS to the office of BAM Infraconsult, where the road inspectors can analyze every shot. ‘Even the tiniest grains of damage can be spotted, which is very to prevent consequential damage. A small crack in the asphalt can easily tear to a big, costly hole in the road. The earlier we spot it, the better.’

Calculating the costs
When the road inspectors discover an irregularity or damage to the asphalt, they highlight the damage in the video footage. The system then calculates the square meters in question. ‘With that information, we can do a fast calculation of the costs of repair,’ Patrick says. The selected areas are then exported to a topographical chart.

Innovative Smooth and swiftly, is how Patrick describes the working relationship with Horus. 'BAM and Horus both are always looking for new innovations. They customize their products to suit our organization. When we wanted to expand the camera system to tunnel inspections, we did several trials together. We are making big steps in quickly making our roads safer for everyone.’


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