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A busy week at the Horus VR offices …

Last weekend we built a large scaled inflatable VR pop-up theatre inside the Martini Hospital. Patients could enjoy the musical Jesus Christ Superstar directly from their hospital ...

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How does a self driving vehicle work? (article in Dutch)

Read the full onine article in Dutch about the selfdriving bus equipment with our software here.   Easter Monday an episode of Nieuwsuur will be on tv about the selfdriv...

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Let's meet at the SPAR 3D

Our next show! Please visit us at AEC Next / SPAR 3D May 21-23, 2019 in Anaheim, CA. ...

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Horus Inside!

For automated decision making on the roadway, thermal imaging cameras coupled with machine-learning capabilities provide the most effective method for pedestrian detection to save ...

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Horus View and Explore will attend the 98th Transportion Research Board in Washington, DC.

Horus View and Explore will attend the 98th Transportion Research Board (TRB) annual meeting in Washington, DC. You will be able to meet us on the exhibition floor at Booth #321. ...

Safety and Security

Jagen op stropers met hightech van Horus

Jagen op stropers, beveiliging bij de kroning, meten van asfalt, kinderen op hun gemak stellen in het ziekenhuis. Horus uit Bedum regelt het. En horus kijkt niet meer op tegen Sili...

Horus VR Experience

VRiend nominated Prix Galien Medtech Award 2018

VRiend attended the 25th Prix Galien ( formerly know as Galenusprize) at the Reehorst in Ede. This as a runner up between the multinatials Philips and Abbot for the Medtech Award 2...

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Concurrenten bestaan niet; alleen collega's partners en klanten.

De Founder Talk van rene bolhuis gemist? Bekijk hem hier terug.     ...

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Vriend Showcase

Horus VR Experience

Virtueel het ziekenhuis verlaten

Met behulp van de Vriend, VRcamera en de VRbril van Horus VR Experience maken mensen in het ziekenhuis via een Virtual Reality livestream, verbinding met familie en vrienden. Een i...

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Founder Talks : Antje Meindersma & Rene Bolhuis   ...

Horus VR Experience

Horus gerekend tot de meest innovatieve bedrijven van Nederland

In de aanloop naar de MKB Innovatietop 100 alvast een mooi artikel in het Dagblad van het Noorden over onze deelname.     ...

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Interview Fast Moving Targets

Safety and Security

Horus project in " Kansen Kompas" published by the Chamber of Commerce

Our Anti Poachers project is highlighted in a publication of the Dutch Camber of Commerce.   Read the full brochure online ...

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New Brochure: Horus view and Explore's video technology explained

Are you looking for more information on Mobile Mapping and our video technology? Need answers regarding which recording system you need? Download our latest brochure Horus vid...

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Mobile Mapping in India

Great news article from ROMDAS who is using our software in their Himalaya project.   Read the full article here     ...

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Make your GoPro recordings usable for the Horus Movie Player

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#herewego #letsbuildtogether

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State Secretary for Economic Affairs & Climate Mona Keijzer visits 5G Lab

Nice article on the visit of Mona Keijzer State Secretary for Economic affairs & Climate. One of the projects she visited was the "self driving public transportation"...

Horus VR Experience

Interview VRiend

Being admitted in the hospital and simultaneously being at that important event outside the hospital? In direct virtual contact with each other? In the AMC - Academic Medical Cente...

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VentureClass ‘Expanding Horizons with Horus View and Explore’

It’s our pleasure to announce the next VentureClass of 2018 on Thursday evening 22 March. For this VentureClass we have invited René Bolhuis, CEO of MKB Innovatio...

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Nieuwe Brochure: Toegevoegde waarde van Video

For our Dutch Clients (an English translation is coming soon) we have a new brochure: “Toegevoegde waarde van video”   Download de brochure ...

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Glazen huis Bedumer Winterloop 2018

Ook dit jaar waren we weer verantwoordelijk voor de 360 Live stream  die vanuit het glazen huis in bedum tijdens de Bedumer Winterloop gehouden werd.   https://www.bedu...

Horus VR Experience

VRiend on Tour in Belgium

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Innovation in public transport, with autonomous driving vehicles and 5G

Horus VR Experience

VR Video Team IKO Business club

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Horus @Trendship

Proud to be collaborating on several unique solutions shown at Trendship hosted in the Martiniplaza. 5G in Public Services presented by 5G Groningen: Augmented reality in Healthcar...

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Article Financieel Dagblad

New article written for the Financieel Dagblad about Rene and his view on how the developments and growth of Horus View and Explore are going at the moment. Holding a great photosh...

Safety and Security

Horus View and Explore scores high at MKB Innovation Top 100!

We are proud to announce that our  anti Poacher system (developed with BSS Holland) reached the 19th place in the MKB top 100 (most innovative companies) issued by the Chamber...

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Buzzard Prototype: een nieuwe standaard in High end camera's

Horus ontwikkelt een prototype van een 250 megapixel camera die in staat is beelden met een grotere nauwkeurigheid te maken. Dit project mogen we in samenwerking met SNN/EFRO uitvo...

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Will we be seeing you at Intergeo 2017?

We’ve just received the confirmation: We will be attending the Intergeo this year! You can find us at Hal 3.1 Booth D3 .062. Would you like to make an appointment with one of...

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Preferred dealer of Entaniya Fisheye Lenses

Did you know that we are the preferred dealer of Entaniya Fisheye lenses in the Netherlands? Contact us if you you would like to order or need more information on any of Fisheye le...

Horus VR Experience


We are ready and set to show off the latest product development regarding the VRGator.  The original system has developed into 3 systems: 'VRGator ONE' , 'V...

Safety and Security

Protecting the Rhinos with Horus!

A special project this time! Together with BSS Holland we have developed a 360 degree thermal infrared anti-poacher system for Rhino Force. This week, the employees of Horus View a...

Horus VR Experience

Visit us at the AV Festival in Amsterdam

The Horus VR team attended the first edition of the AV Festival (  hosted in Amsterdam. We showed our VRGator system and gave insight information on how to a...

Horus VR Experience

The Release of the Gator

We are happy to announce the release of our latest product: The VRGator, world's first 8K Live streaming solution.   April 24th marked the successful launch of the...

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Two investment funds participating in Horus View and Explore: GROEIfonds B.V. and NOM N.V.

In recent years Horus View and Explore has been busy with the development of hardware and software for the mobile mapping market. Our customer base grew considerably. Started with ...

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ROMDAS integrates Horus software

Ben Clotworthy (DCL): “Data Collection Ltd. (DCL) is a company that specializes in developing and manufacturing tools for measuring and managing roads that is marketed under ...

Safety and Security

Drone Innovation day   We attended the drone Innovation day. The Horus Security Suite now supports radar feed to track objects ...

Horus VR Experience

Creative Streaming Solution

Our latest solution for the creative market is being more and more used to stream events live. Our Scoop has been used for the Live streaming of 360 content from DJ Hardwell&n...

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Greater lean than the the tower of Pisa

As part of the Horus Academy for mobile mapping training, an exercise has been created to measure the tillt of the Walfridus tower in Bedum. The 12th century tower of Walfridus ris...

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The Horus Webplayer 2.0: Georeferenced images in the cloud

Capturing data and working fast with the Horus desktop software has been an advantage of the Horus software. To share images webbased and to work with geodata the Horus webplayer h...

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Lightpole assesment by Luminext with the Horus Movie Player

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How to stream live to the Internet with the Horus Movie Player

Safety and Security

Horus reaches place 54 in the MKB top 100

To clarify the situation of a traffic accident for those involved, insurers and court, the police investigate serious road accidents. This often results in traffic jams. To solve t...

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Presentatie paper op Infradagen

Op de CROW infradagen is een paper gepresenteerd door Berwich Sluer (Boskalis), waar Horus View and Explore aan bijgedragen heeft, over nieuwe mogelijkheden om metingen tijdens de ...