Horus has a team of engineers which research, develop and design hardware. This can arrange from PCB boards to complete turn-key products or customer based solutions. Most of our hardware is based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components. If not available we develop ourselves.

Besides developing own hardware components, we also create add-ons for our OEM partners and we resell products from suppliers.

The CityMapper

The Citymapper Horus product

The CityMapper is a roofbox, where GPS/INS, capturing hardware and camera mounting is included.

  • Low investment mobile mapping solution
  • No postprocessing of images
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Scoop Horus product

The Scoop is ideal for the 360 professional that needs a stable, high quality 360 video and robust streaming solution. Deliver high quality images at 30 fps or higher ( see specs) using our easy to carry and stand alone streaming solution.

  • Capture & stream at the same time
  • Fully manual control of exposure and fps
  • Brand it your way! Change color of the camera ring
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Enigma Horus product

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Trimble MX-7

Trimble MX-7 Reseller

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Horus System Trigger

Horus System Trigger Horus product

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Entaniya Fish eye

Entaniya Fish eye Reseller

We are preferred dealer of Entaniya Fisheye lenses in the Netherlands

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The VRGator

The VRGator Horus VR product

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